Psychological health and its associates - A comparative study among migrants and non migrants in a rural area of Northern India.

  • Rashmi Kumari GMC Jammu
  • Remia Mahajan Dehradun
  • Rajiv K Gupta GMC Jammu
  • Parveen Singh GMC Jammu
  • Neha Choudhary GMC Jammu


Background: Migration, whether voluntary or forced, entails major adaptations. An elaborate insight into the circumstances helps to induce various interventions in migrants. Aims and Objectives: To elicit the psychological health, lifestyle variables, religiosity, spirituality and coping among migrants and compare it with non migrants in a rural locality. Material and Methods: A community based cross-sectional study was undertaken among 404 adults aged 20 years and above. The General Health Questionnaire–12, Religiosity scale by Wilkes, The Daily Spiritual Experience Scale and COPE scale were used as psychometric tools for data collection. Data was analysed using SPSS (ver. 20.0). Results: A sample of 137 migrants and 267 non migrants were analysed. There was a statistically significant difference between the two groups for occupation and education (p=0.002 & 0.000 resp). The mean scores of the psychological health of migrants (10.58± 6.32) were slightly better than that of non migrants (11.49 ±5.69, p= 0.142). Spirituality scores showed migrants being more inclined towards spiritualism (p=0.016). Young age, religious and spiritual propensity showed a statistically significant correlation with better Psychological health (p=0.036, 0.000&0.013resp). Conclusion: Providing psychosocial assistance to migrant populations focussing on educational, occupational & religious-spiritual issues can reduce vulnerabilities especially for psychological health.

Author Biographies

Rashmi Kumari, GMC Jammu

Assistant Professor Department of Community Medicine

Remia Mahajan, Dehradun

Counselling Psychologist   Anmol Hospital and PanchKarma Institute, Dehradun.

Rajiv K Gupta, GMC Jammu

Professor, Department of Community Medicine

Parveen Singh, GMC Jammu

Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine

Neha Choudhary, GMC Jammu

Postgraduate Student, Department of Community Medicine


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