The Role of Quality Management in providing patient safety in Multispecialty Hospitals:

A case analysis of few hospital’s Fire Mishaps in the Eastern Zone of India

  • Sushree Sangita Ray Amity University
  • Shruti Tripathi
  • Rachita Ota


For a long time, healthcare service providers have depended principally on human resources playing out their role accurately to shield patients from unintended negative effects. Many years of research, has demonstrated that most mishaps are brought about by able yet questionable individuals working in useless frameworks. Healthcare associations are presently obtaining systems from different enterprises and utilizing frameworks in order to deal with and enhance the efficiency of the health care services. India to a large extent has been able to incorporate Quality Management tools in its Healthcare sector. This has helped India to attain competitive advantage over other Nations by providing Quality Services at an affordable price with continuous improvement of their Service quality.

Among all the attributes of Service Quality in Healthcare, the most important one is Patient Safety. India has moved ahead in creating a standardized Healthcare service by adopting many Patient Safety Standards by regulators, purchasers, and accreditation groups.  Even though we are abiding by lot many standards still there are many issues related to Patient Safety in India. Few cases have been discussed in this paper related to fire issues. The incidents which have been cited in this paper are taken because these are the hospitals which are quite famous among the patients and unfortunately have led to high number of life losses in their mishaps. With the help of Quality Management Model that is Cause and effect; the authors have tried to analyze the cause behind the mishaps and have tried to recommend few quality measures in the multispecialty hospitals.

Keywords: Quality Management, Patient Safety, Multispecialty Hospitals, Cause and Effect Model, Fire Safety, Healthcare

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