An Interventional Study to Assess the Impact of Health Education on Alcohol Use among Adult Males in Bareilly, U.P.

  • himalaya singh rohilkhand medical college and hospital Bareilly
  • Hari Shanker Joshi
  • Rohit Kant Srivastava RMCH, Bareilly
  • Arun Singh RMCH, Bareilly
  • Rashmi Katyal RMCH, Bareilly
  • Deepak Upadhyay RMCH, Bareilly


Background: Alcoholic beverages have been a part of social life for millennia, yet societies have always found it difficult to understand or restrain their use. Apart from the health concerns, chronic alcoholism is one of the greatest causes for poverty in the country. Objective: To assess the impact of health education on alcohol use among adult males in Bareilly District, Uttar Pradesh. Material & Methods: A community based interventional study conducted in the Bareilly district among males aged >15 years during November 2015 to April 2017 taking a sample of 699 by 30 cluster sampling with PPS. Data was collected by home visit using WHO-AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test) questionnaire. After data collection, health education was given to study population in form of speech, posters, short films and focus group discussion. One year after providing health education, AUDIT questionnaire was re-filled by current alcohol drinkers to know the impact of health education. Results: Prevalence of drinking alcohol is 30.47% i.e. 213 current drinkers. AUDIT Scores before and after Health education were positively correlated (r=.768, p=0.0001). There was a significant average difference between AUDIT Scores before and after Health education (t178=2.973, p=0.003). Conclusion: Health education has a positive impact on alcohol use therefore research focus should be on primary prevention by health education/behaviour change communication in primary and secondary care settings.


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