Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) – Prerequisites, Rationale and Challenges during COVID 19 Pandemic


  • Ramamurthy Deepthi ESIC-MC & PGIMSR, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Nugehally Raju Ramesh Masthi Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Cheeranahalli Javaraiah Nirmala Department of Community Medicine, BGS Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Rangappa Manjula S Nijalingappa Medical College, Bagalkot, Karnataka
  • Sivakumar Vinothkumar Health Office, DPH and PM, Tamilnadu



Personal Protective Equipments, COVID19, Rationale, Challenges


Personal protective equipment (PPE) usage is pivotal in prevention of COVID19. Access to PPE for health workers has become a key concern. Electronic databases were searched for studies, guidelines, reports and policies on PPE, COVID19 and respiratory infections. In total 20 research articles were included, 10 guidelines and 06 reports from various health organization and National governments were included. There are different types of masks available, it is essential to understand the role of each kind of mask in preventing the spread. Minimizing the need for PPE in health care settings, ensuring rational and appropriate use of PPE and Coordinating PPE supply chain management mechanisms are key strategies in addressing global PPE shortage. Ensuring consistent PPE standards and guidance on quality control of the PPE will help in better infection control. We need to apply a risk-based approach based on purpose of use, risk of exposure, vulnerability, setting, feasibility and type of PPE. Government of India is taking several steps and have deliberated on the adequacy and quality of PPEs. Prevention and mitigation measures are the key for prevention of transmission in the Community which include Hand hygiene, Respiratory hygiene, maintaining social distance of two metre and wearing an appropriate PPE. Adequate provision of good quality PPE is just the first step in promoting the safety of health care workers and containing the spread of COVID 19.


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Deepthi R, Masthi NRR, Nirmala CJ, Manjula R, Vinothkumar S. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) – Prerequisites, Rationale and Challenges during COVID 19 Pandemic. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2020 Apr. 20 [cited 2022 May 24];32(2 (Supp):196-205. Available from:



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