Role of probiotics and vitamins in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome: recent advances




Probiotics, Microbiome, Psychobiotics, Gut-Brain Axis, Depression, Anxiety


While the concept of probiotics is not new, science based approaches to developing targeted probiotic products are a renewed interest. Probiotics and the microbiome is now being considered as having a blueprint of good health, unique to every human.  Along with the well-known and established health benefits like reduced antibiotic associated diarrhoea and colic symptoms, eczema, necrotising enterocolitis, acute paediatric infections like diahorrea and upper respiratory tract infections; probiotics are now considered as beneficial for maintaining mental well-being as well. This new branch of disease management is now termed as Nutritional neuroscience and these beneficial gut bacteria are referred to as psychobiotics. It is important to identify the specific strains of probiotics and characterize them and conduct randomised controlled trials to establish these benefits. With emerging data related to role of vitamins in modulating the gut microbiome, combining pre and probiotics with micronutrients is likely to result in powerful functional foods boosting host immunity.


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