Perception about Community Medicine as a subject and career preference among undergraduate students


  • Pratiksha Rameshbhai Padhiyar CU Shah Medical College & Hospital, Surendranagar, Gujarat
  • Pratik Kishorbhai Jasani CU Shah Medical College & Hospital, Surendranagar, Gujarat
  • Kishor Mansukhbhai Sochaliya CU Shah Medical College & Hospital, Surendranagar, Gujarat



Community Medicine, Perception, Career, Undergraduate


Background: In the pursuit of cultivating primary physicians, the Department of Community Medicine (CM) emphasizes value-based education for undergraduates, aiming to shape the foundation of a first-contact doctor. Despite this, only a minority ultimately selects CM as their specialty. Aim & Objectives: The objective of this study was to evaluate how undergraduates perceive CM as both a subject and a career choice. Additionally, the study aimed to identify the factors influencing students' decisions to either choose or not choose CM as a career path. Methods and Material: We conducted a cross-sectional survey among medical college undergraduates, utilizing a pre-tested, self-administered questionnaire with a Likert scale through Google Forms, ensuring informed consent. Results: Among 411 students, 259 participated, with a mean age of 21.23 ± 1.39 years. While participants generally held a positive perception of CM, only 1.1% considered it as a career choice. Top reasons against opting CM were "unpopularity compared to clinical subjects," "lack of clinical exposure," and "insufficient information on future prospects." Conclusion: Students recognize the significance of CM and possess a positive opinion, yet there exists reluctance in choosing it as a career.


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