Role Of Social & Psychological Factors In Drug Default In Patients Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis


  • Rakesh Bhargava
  • Devendra K Sharma
  • J S Chauhan
  • D K Pandey
  • R K Gaur


Research Problem: What is the influence of social and psychological factors on drug default in patients of pul­monary tuberculosis? Objective: To assess the role of social and psychological factors in drug default in patients of pulmonary tubercu­losis. Study Design: Hospital - based study by questionnaire method Setting and Participants: Patients of pulmonary tubercu­losis attending Out Patient Department of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases, J.N. Medical College Hospital, A.M.U., Aligarh. Sample Size: 136 defaulters and 86 treated cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. Study Variables: Social factors, psychological factors, drug default and pulmonary tuberculosis. Outcome Variables: Association of social and psycho­logical factors with drug default in pulmonary tuberculo­sis patients. Statistical Analysis: By chi - square test and significance at 5% level. Result: Important social factors influencing drug default were joint family (74.27%), lack of money (22.06%) and uncooperative family (11.7%). Psychiatric morbidity among defaulters was significantly high (68.39%). Conclusion: Patient compliance depends on many psy­chological (e.g. psychiatric morbidity, type of personal­ity), and sociological,factors (including economic status of patient, nature of family, its environment, interaction between patient and doctor and patient's own attitude and idea about his disease). Age, sex, residence, religion and education did not show any significant contribution towards drug default.


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Bhargava R, Sharma DK, Chauhan JS, Pandey DK, Gaur RK. Role Of Social & Psychological Factors In Drug Default In Patients Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 1997 Dec. 31 [cited 2024 Jul. 16];9(3):49-52. Available from:



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