A Descriptive study Behavioral and Emotional problems of Children under institutional care

  • Umamaheswari K
  • Suja M K
Keywords: behavioral, emotional, institutional care, child care institutions, vulnerable


Children living under institutional care are more prone to behavioral and emotional problems than others, as they are deprived a family environment. There a more number of studies focusing the mental health problems of children under institutional care in India. This is a descriptive study which explores the behavioral and emotional problems of children’s under institutional care. Materials and Methods: The sample consisted of 50 children living under institutional care run by voluntary run institutional homes (private individuals) in Coimbatore city.  A semi structure questionnaire was used to get the socio demographic data. The Self Report Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) were used to assess the behavioral problems in children under institutional care. Result: In our study, 21 (42%) out of 50 children were found to be having behavioral problems. Conduct problem and peer pressure (42%) were found to be most prevalent followed by emotional problem (34%), hyperactivity (24%) and low prosocial behavior (14%). Conclusion: The present study shows that the children under institutional care are vulnerable to conduct, peer pressure and emotional problems. The screenings for the behavioral problems need to be done at a regular basis with a well-planned treatment strategy for these children which will promote their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


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