Geriatric Challenges - Tackling With Innovative Measures



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  • M A Hassan
  • M M Khan
  • N l Akhtar


is a natural process. India has 77 million elderly people and is expected to have 177 million by 2025. By the year 2050, one fifth of total population will be graying. Ninety percent of the elderly are from unorganized sector with no social security. Over 73 percent of 60 plus are illiterate and dependent on physical labour. Forty percent people live below the povertyline. Recent studies have shown that 89.62 percent of elderly population has multiple morbidities. The leading symptoms or group of symptoms in both males and females pertain to visual impairment / diminished vision (65% & 56.2% respectively). Other problems include heart diseases, respiratory diseases, joints pains, hearing problems etc.Many innovative experimental studies have been done to reverse the biochemical and pathological changes that occur during ageing by using chemicals and drugs. In various studies it has been established that the use of Ca2 (+) antagonists leads to reversal of atherosclerotic process, similarly 2 - mercapto propionly glycine (MPG) and oxidized MPG improve heart functioning. Centrophenoxine considered as an ageing reversal drug is regarded as neuroenergeticum in human therapy. Ginkgo biloba extract can improve the cerebral function. Topically applied all-trans retionic acid can repair and probably prevent photo ageing.

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