A brief insight on knowledge about Viral Hepatitis in Pregnancy among clinicians





Viral Hepatitis, Pregnancy, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Mother-to-child-transmission, Knowledge assessment


Viral Hepatitis (VH) is one of the most serious infections during pregnancy which not only creates complications for the mother but also transmits the infection to the newborn. Hence, clinicians should be aware about the diagnosis and management related to VH during pregnancy and modes to prevent it. Thus the present study aimed to assess the current knowledge about VH in pregnancy among clinicians. A cross-sectional study was conducted among physicians who attended National Seminar for Physicians on Viral Hepatitis in Pregnancy organized by PRAKASH. An online link to 25-item questionnaire was circulated with all the registered participants. The data was analysed using IBM-SPSS version-21. The statistical significance was considered to be <0.05.A total of 64 physicians with mean age of 33.73±10.57 were included in the study. Mean knowledge score was found to be 15.41±3.47 out of 25 with 59% of the participants having poor-to-moderate knowledge about VH in pregnancy. The study raises serious concerns about initiating training related to diagnosis and management of VH in pregnancy among clinicians.


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Keshan P, Syed S, Rastogi A, Bansal A. A brief insight on knowledge about Viral Hepatitis in Pregnancy among clinicians. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2021 Mar. 31 [cited 2024 Mar. 4];33(1):212-6. Available from: https://www.iapsmupuk.org/journal/index.php/IJCH/article/view/2032



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