Physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing of urban population during the COVID-19 lockdown phases: a cross-sectional study




Mental Health, Social Health, Spiritual Health, Covid-19 Pandemic, Lockdown


Background: COVID 19 pandemic created immense mental & physical agony among human beings worldwide. The present study was conducted to assess the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of young adults and the elderly, during the lock-down phase of COVID-19. Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted among 227 healthy adults in Bhubaneswar, capital of Odisha. Data was collected using a self-administered questionnaire pertaining to the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of participants. Results: During the lockdown, around two-thirds (65.4%) of the participants reported feeling helpless. The elderly felt more helpless than the young adults. One-third (73, 32.6%) of the participants experienced health issues during the lockdown period. The majority of the study participants (83.8%) mentioned that their family members shared tasks during lockdown which was a very positive sign observed in this study. Faith in God for the elderly and family support for the young adults made them mentally stronger. Conclusion: Managing pandemic needs a multipronged approach. But focusing on psychosocial health will prevent future unseen mental health pandemics and improve the resilience of mankind.


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Author Biography

Puspanjali Jena , All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhubaneswar

Junior Research Fellow

Department of Biochemistry

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhubaneswar


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