Case control study of Electrocardiographic changes in pregnant women


  • Sharddha Singh
  • Uday Mohan
  • N Shukla
  • S Pandey
  • S S Singh
  • U S Pandey
  • S Tiwari


Pregnancy causes significant haemodynamic changes and imposes stress on the cardiovascular system. Many healthy women develop signs and symptoms of cardiovascular overload during pregnancy. Knowledge of established normal changes in EKG during normal pregnancy is important. The aim of our study was to detect any early damage to myocardium during pregnancy with the help of electrocardiography. Total of 20 pregnant and 20 non pregnant women were studied. The most significant change observed in ECG was T wave inversion with odds ratio 7.43 (95%. Cl = 1.49 to 41.00. P= 0.005). Stratified analysis showed that there was no confounding role of age in the relationship of T wave inversion and ECG findings.

Moreover, a significant relationship between anaemia and T wave inversion was also observed. (0=1.74 ? 1101.06; P= 0.007).


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Singh S, Mohan U, Shukla N, Pandey S, Singh SS, Pandey US, et al. Case control study of Electrocardiographic changes in pregnant women. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 1995 Sep. 30 [cited 2023 Sep. 25];8(2,3):24-7. Available from:



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