Study Of Knowledge, Beliefs & Attitudes Towards Leprosy Among Patients Of Leprosy


  • Mahjabeen Alam
  • M Yunus
  • A Kalam
  • A Khan


Research Problem: What is the level of Knowledge and attitudes of leprosy patients towards leprosy? Objectives: To assess the knowledge, beliefs and atti­tude towards leprosy in leprosy patients. Study Design: Hospital - based study by questionnaire method. Setting and Participants: Leprosy patients attending Dermatology OPD. J.N. Medical College Hospital, A.M.U., Aligarh. Sample Size: 200 leprosy patients. Study Variables: Knowledge, beliefs and attitudes re­garding leprosy. Outcome Variables: Percentage of patients having cor­rect Knowledge and positive attitude. Statistical Analysis : By proportions. Results: Ignorance about leprosy is still rampant. 81 % of the patients were not aware of the cause of disease. 89.5% did not know whether the disease was preventable. 91 % patients were optimistic that the disease was curable. 60% of the patients became anxious on learning the diagnosis of the disease. Relations were strained with spouse in 6% cases after learning the diagnosis of the disease. Conclusions: Most of the patients had very little knowl­edge about leprosy, but they were optimistic about the cure of the disease. Interestingly, not much social stigma was encountered by the patients. Recommendations : Raising the literacy status of the population


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