Seven Health Sins


  • Rahul Bansal


As we all know, health cannot be sold or purchased by anyone anywhere. According to the holistic concept of health which is based on ‘Bio-psycho-social model’, a person can only be healthy if he/she is able to maintain a harmonious balance between physical, mental/emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of self. No doctor or hospital however big they may be, can give health to anyone until and unless a person chooses to be healthy by making the right choices in his day to day behavior. Adolescence is the time when a person learns to make the choices about his daily behavior. Therefore, giving them the correct information about the routine behavior is of paramount importance for everyone concerned with health including public health experts. One such concept has been developed by the author as ‘Seven Health Sins’ which he has been sharing with the adolescents in the schools as well as the first-year medical students.


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