A study on morbidity pattern among geriatric population of an urban slum, Dehradun, India


  • Ajay Kumar Pandita
  • Debabrata Roy
  • Vartika Saxena




Background: Ageing is a process of deterioration in the individual’s functional capacity that results from structural changes as age advances. India has acquired the label of “an ageing nation” with 7.7% of its population being more than 60 years old. Research on geriatric morbidity and related risk factors are required to improve the delivery of health care to the elderly. This study was an attempt to study the morbidity status of geriatric people that may serve as a baseline data and also help in planning the health services. Aims and Objectives: To ascertain determinants and predictors as potential socio-epidemiological correlates of the prevalent morbidity pattern and recommend appropriate measures / interventions to address felt and unmet needs in geriatric health. Material and Methods: An observational study conducted in field practice area of Department of Community Medicine, Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, HIHT, Dehradun. Study participants aged above 60 years were administered by pre tested, semi structured questionnaire after obtained informed consent. Descriptive statistics were calculated by using SPSS version 17. Results: Among 520 subjects most common morbidity in study subjects was arthritis (49.61%) followed by cataract (46.34%), chronic gastritis (44.23%), COPD (25%), diabetes (21.15%), skin lesions (19.03%), hypertension (11.39%). Conclusion: There is high morbidity rate identified in this present study so there is an urgent need to develop geriatric health care services at primary health centre level


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Pandita AK, Roy D, Saxena V. A study on morbidity pattern among geriatric population of an urban slum, Dehradun, India. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2017 Dec. 31 [cited 2024 Jul. 13];29(4):402-9. Available from: https://www.iapsmupuk.org/journal/index.php/IJCH/article/view/780



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