Managing a COVID 19 patient at different health care and field level settings

Keywords: COVID-19, Patient, Health Care


This continuing medical education (CME) outlines current national strategies to combat the pandemic of Corona virus (COVID 19). During a pandemic it is an obligation for each and every health care worker to be well versed with current guidelines. Three types of COVID dedicated health facilities as separate areas for suspect and confirmed cases are designed. Management of cases depend on their clinical status and result of COVID-19 testing. All three COVID dedicated health facilities of facilities are linked to the Surveillance team (IDSP).  Isolation and quarantine play a key role in slowing the spread of COVID 19 and protecting people. Strict infection prevention and control practices are crucial in COVID 19 management. Evolving advisory on mask management, Chemoprophylaxis for COVID 19, Telemedicine in COVID 19, AYUSH in COVID 19, COVID-19 screening tool and others are to be carefully practiced. Ultimately prevention at individual, family, workplace and community level is the backbone of all strategies against COVID 19.


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