Pattern of ARI Among under fives in kanpur


  • V K Srivastava
  • J P Srivastava
  • R C Gupta
  • S C Gupta
  • S N Sharma
  • R K Gupta
  • R P Sharma


Research Problem: What are the prevailing AR1 trends and its correlates in hospital admitted patients? Objectives: 1) To know the proportion of ARI cases among hospital admissions. 2) To find out the distribution pattern of ARI 3) To identify priority groups for action. Study Design: Hospital case records - based, cross sectional study. Setting: Tertiary level hospital, indoor admitted pa­tients.Participants: ARI cases in 0 - 5 years age group. Sample Size: 343 children suffering from ARI, admit­ted in hospital during one year period. Study Variables: Age, sex, localities of inhabitation, signs and symptoms, severity of illness. Outcome Variables: Sites of infection, differential diagnosis, grades of severity, outcome of episode (cured, LAMA, death, DOPR). Statistical Analysis: By chi - square test. Result and Conclusion: Proportional under-five hospital admission rate of A.R.I. cases was 14.7%. More cases were from urban locality (44.9%), of 1­12 months of age (49.9%), and of severe grade (65.0%). Boys were more vulnerable (M/F ratio was 1.7:1), and hospitalised case fatality rate was 24.8%.


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Srivastava VK, Srivastava JP, Gupta RC, Gupta SC, Sharma SN, Gupta RK, et al. Pattern of ARI Among under fives in kanpur. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 1997 Dec. 31 [cited 2024 Jun. 21];9(3):21-6. Available from:



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