Care seeking behaviour and various delays in tuberculosis patients registered under RNTCP in Pune city


  • Jayashree Sachin Gothankar
  • Usha Pravin Patil
  • Sunil R Gaikwad
  • Sulakshana B. Kamble


Introduction: Case finding in tuberculosis is known to be influenced by factors such as patient motivation, care seeking, the degree of diagnostic suspicion by health care provider which could result in a delayed diagnosis.

Objective: To determine care seeking behaviour and delay in diagnosis and treatment of new sputum positive tuberculosis patients registered under RNTCP.

Material and Methods: Descriptive cross sectional study. 283 new sputum positive tuberculosis patients (?15 years of age) registered during a period of six months at two randomly selected tuberculosis unit of Pune city. Questionnaire by WHO was modified and used. Interviews were conducted in DOT centres. Statistical analysis: Frequency, mean and standard deviation, chi square test.

Results: Mean age of patients was 35 (±15) years18% of patients were unemployed and 77% resided in urban slums. The commonest co morbidity in 7.4% and 3.5 % patients was HIV/ AIDS followed by diabetics respectively. Majority of the patients, for the first and second time visited a general practitioner. Median patient, health care system and total delay were 18, 22 and 47 days with mean of 24±21, 32±30 and 56±33 days respectively. Health care system delay was less (p<0.05) in patients who first visited the public health care facility than patients who first visited a private health care provider.

Conclusions: General practitioners are preferred first choice of health care provider for tuberculosis patients. Mean health care system delay is more than patient delay.


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Gothankar JS, Patil UP, Gaikwad SR, Kamble SB. Care seeking behaviour and various delays in tuberculosis patients registered under RNTCP in Pune city. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2016 Mar. 31 [cited 2024 May 24];28(1):48-53. Available from:



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