Burden of overweight and obesity among children studying in schools of Western Rajasthan





Overweight, Obesity, School Children


Background: Obesity in children has become a public health concern worldwide with a significant rise in recent years. Aim & Objective: This study aimed to estimate the occurrence of overweight and obesity in adolescents studying in school and to determine the risk factors for obesity as well as overweight in this population. Settings and Design: This cross-sectional research was carried out among adolescent children of age group 12-15 years from Jodhpur's rural and urban schools. Methods and Material: The present study included 1864 school children. A well-structured questionnaire was used to gather data, and the researchers measured weight and height with the help of calibrated tools. Index for Body Mass (BMI) and Z-scores were calculated, and the World Health Organization (WHO) standardized gender-specific growth chart was used to classify children as being overweight and obese. Statistical analysis used: The statistical evaluation was conducted utilising SPSS version 23.0. Chi-square analyses were applied to analyse the relationship of independent variables with overweight/obesity status. Variables showing statistical significance at a 5% level were further analysed using multiple logistic regression. Results: It was discovered that the rate of overweight and obesity among Jodhpur schoolchildren was 23.2%, with 22.9% classified as overweight and 0.3% as obese. The analysis revealed that children attending urban and public schools exhibited higher rates of obesity and overweight compared to those in rural and private schools. Conclusions: The study highlights a considerable burden of overweight among children enrolled in schools of Jodhpur, warranting the implementation of sustainable intervention aimed at encouraging physical exercise and a balanced diet.


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