Indian Journal of Community Health

Vol 25, No 4 (2013)

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Improving quality of care in maternal, newborn and child health: opportunities and challenges for India HTML PDF
K Jayanna 327 - 329

Original Article

Developing a precise questionnaire to elucidate risk factors and injury pattern in RTA victims HTML PDF
RK Singh, K Gupta, A Kumar, GK Singh, V Verma, RN Srivastava 330 - 339
Association between pulmonary tuberculosis and smoking: a case control study HTML PDF
T Saad, AS Tirkey 340 - 347
Study of family planning practices with special reference to unmet need among married women in rural area of Amravati district of Maharashtra HTML PDF
VK Wasnik, AK Jawarkar, DM Dhumale 348 - 353
Assessment of community - based monitoring under NRHM in Nainital district of Uttarakhand HTML PDF
S Kumar, SK Jha, CMS Rawat, S Awasthi, V Semwal, M Bano 354 - 361
Gadget Dependency among Medical College Students in Delhi HTML PDF
N Gupta, V Krishnamurthy, J Majhi, S Gupta 362 - 366
Profile of sexually transmitted infections (STI) in patients attending ‘SURAKSHA’ clinics of Madhya Pradesh HTML PDF
R Dubey, RR Wavare 367 - 371
Challenges in managing telemedicine centers in remote tribal hilly areas of Uttarakhand HTML PDF
S Suresh, L Nath 372 - 380
Prevalence of physical inactivity in Aligarh: scope for primary prevention HTML PDF
R Ahamed, A Ansari, AR Siddiqui, A Amir 381 - 385
Estimation of under-reported visceral Leishmaniasis (Vl) cases in Bihar: a Bayesian approach HTML PDF
A Ranjan, T Bhatnagar 386 - 390
Food acquisition and intra-household consumption patterns: a study of low and middle income urban households in Delhi, India HTML PDF
MR Pradhan, FC Taylor, S Agrawal, D Prabhakaran, S Ebrahim 391 - 402
Knowledge and practice regarding pulmonary tuberculosis among private practitioners HTML PDF
M Basu, D Sinha, P Das, B Roy, S Biswas, S Chattopadhyay 403 - 412
Exposure to firearm: impact on psychological health in central India HTML PDF
S Saxena, RP Varma, B Soman 413 - 421
Bio-social Predictors of Low Birth Weight- A Prospective study at a Tertiary care Hospital of North Karnataka, India HTML PDF
DP Paneru, VA Naik, BR Nilgar, SB Javali 422 - 431
Prospective study on quality of newborn care HTML PDF
N Khanam, SZ Quazi, RC Goyal, AV Athavale, AM Gaidhane, S Agarwal, V Gaiki 432 - 437
Pulmonary tuberculosis as a confounder for bronchogenic carcinoma due to delayed and misdiagnosis HTML PDF
A Agrawal, PK Agarwal, R Tandon, S Singh, L Singh, S Sharma 438 - 444
Utilization of primary health centre services amongst rural population of northern India - some socio-demographic correlates HTML PDF
AC Rajpurohit, AK Srivastava, VK Srivastava 445 - 450
Fine needle aspiration cytology in breast lump - its cytological spectrum and statistical correlation with histopathology HTML PDF
A Ghosh, D Ghartimagar, B Sathian, R Narasimhan, OP Talwar 451 - 459
Effects of ramadan fasting on cardiovascular and biochemical parameters HTML PDF
M Gupta, V Khajuria, P Akhter 460 - 464
Role of ASHA in improvement of maternal health status in northern India: an urban rural comparison HTML PDF
P Padda, S Devgun, V Gupta, S Chaudhari, G Singh 465 - 471
Assessment of village health sanitation and nutrition committee under NRHM in Nainital district of Uttarakhand HTML PDF
V Semwal, SK Jha, CMS Rawat, S Kumar, A Kaur 472 - 479
Injuries in rural and urban areas of Agra district: an observational study HTML PDF
M Sharma, A Srivastava, B Singh, SC Gupta 480 - 487

Review Article

Burden of rabies in India: the need for a reliable reassessment HTML PDF
KA Maroof 488 - 491

Short Communication

Impact of health education on knowledge and practices about menstruation among adolescent school girls of rural part of district Ambala, Haryana HTML PDF
A Arora, A Mittal, D Pathania, J Singh, C Mehta, R Bunger 492 - 497

Letter to Editor

Pathogens being replaced with allergens or immunogens: a theoretical perspective HTML PDF
D Gupta 498 - 499
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